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Space Camp

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Space Camp 2024

Join our new Space Program. The most exciting day for anyone who wants to travel into space is the day they are selected to join the space program. It can take up to two years of training to become a fully qualified scientist, engineer or astronaut. Candidates must learn the science and engineering of working in space, in a spacecraft or space station, and on other planets.

This camp is perfect for youth who are seeking more experience and knowledge with the space program. During the week participants will experience

  • off-world living conditions
  • train like an astronaut; indoor sky diving, SCUBA diving, plane flight
  • flight training with missions to the space station
  • build Mars rover in our engineering room
  • run off world scientific experiments in our science room
  • command the mission control centre
  • rover and drone missions
  • build and launch rockets
  • learn about electronics, astronomy, navigation and spacecraft design
  • and more.

Astronauts In Training will receive a jump suit and take home a rocket and Mars robot they design and build. Price also includes trips to off-campus training facilities.

This program will be run out of our facility:

  6115 – 10th Street SE
  Calgary, Alberta
  T2H 2Z9

Ages 10-17:  Chose one of the following weeks:

July 2 – 5         OPEN  Four day week

Fee: $465 + GST

July 8 – 12         OPEN
July 15 – 19       OPEN
July 22 – 26       OPEN

Fee: $525 + GST

Please note: to hold your spot you must both buy the course, and fill in the registration form. LIMITED OPENINGS FOR THIS CAMP.

Doors open 8:30 am
Classes run 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Doors close 4:00 pm

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